Customer Service Award

Course level:
SCQF Level 5 Award

 Customer Service Award

 Principles and Practices SCQF level 5

 Who does the qualification suit?

There is a wide target group for this award as it is not only suitable for those who already deal with customers and wish to enhance their skills and knowledge in providing professional customer service, but also those who are interested in becoming involved in dealing with customers.Customer Service1

Employment Opportunities

Learners achieving the Award in Customer Service: Principles and Practices at SCQF level 5 should have enhanced their customer service skills and knowledge and be able to apply these to a real situation. Thus they should be able to provide professional customer service to the benefit of themselves and to the organisations which they work for now or in the future.

There is a wide range of customer service roles for those achieving this award (in face to face situations, via telephone, etc) across many types of organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors. This could include:

  • service centres
  • retail stores
  • hotels and restaurants
  • office environments
  • local authorities
  • utility companies
  • passenger transport
  • voluntary organisations
  • customer reception departments

Organisations should benefit from the enhanced customer service awareness skills that learners will develop in creating a positive impression with customers and dealing with customers’ needs.

ContentCustomer Service

  • Investigate different types of customers (ie internal and external); how to create a positive impression for the customer; and deal with customers’ needs
  • Understand the importance of personal qualities such as appearance; personal hygiene; good time-keeping; being well-organised and working well with others
  • Develop skills that are vital for good customer service such as conveying information; effective listening; a range of body language; different types of communication; accurate product/service knowledge and application of appropriate legislation.
  • Have opportunities to assess their own skills and personal qualities required for good customer service.
  • Develop ways to deal with customer dissatisfaction
  • Show how positive customer service is vital to organisations.

Course Outcomes

  • Provide learners with the skills and knowledge required to make a positive impression with customers.
  • Provide learners with the skills and knowledge required for dealing effectively with customer needs, including customer dissatisfaction.
  • Enable learners to understand the personal qualities required in providing professional Customer Service.
  • Enable learners to develop good communication and effective listening skills.

The Award in Customer Service: Principles and Practices at SCQF level 5 covers the fundamental skills, knowledge and personal factors essential in providing professional customer service. It is designed as a practical award in which learners are encouraged to apply these essential skills, knowledge and behaviours to real work situations. As such, this award can be conceptualised for many types of organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors.

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