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Elementary Infection Prevention and Control Course

Elementary Infection Prevention and Control Course

This REHIS (Royal Environmental Health Institute for Scotland) Infection Control 6 hour course from Effective Solutions covers the principles of effective infection control. Nursery staff and care workers would benefit from completing this course.

1. Understand the infrastructure for infection control within the working environment, including
the need for policies and procedures
2. Define the role of the employer and employee in preventing and controlling infection
3. Describe the ways of preventing the transmission of micro-organisms, with particular
reference to hand hygiene
4. Define what is meant by ‘the chain of infection’
5. Understand the importance of personal vigilance and high standards of care in breaking the
chain of infection
6. Outline the factors that increase susceptibility to infection
7. Give examples of a range of factors influencing the multiplication of micro-organisms
8. Understand the means by which micro-organisms can be transmitted to a host
9. Understand how the Healthcare Associated Infections, and in particular, Coronavirus
(COVID-19), meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) and Clostridium difficile,
and Norovirus should be managed
10.Understand the rational for separating people in certain circumstances
11.Understand the purpose of and the need for personal protective clothing and equipment.
12.Understand the best practice relating to:

• Prevention of occupational exposure to infection
• Management of blood and body fluids spillages
• Safe disposal of waste, including sharps
• Safe handling, transport and processing of linen
• Environmental control
• Understand the need for staff/visitor/client compliance with set organisational policies
• Be aware of the law regarding public health and control of infection
• Be aware of the role of the relevant regulatory and advisory agencies

30 Multi choice question paper

REHIS Elementary Infection Prevention and Control certificate

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