Physical Activity Programmes


Introductory Play Leaders – Games 1
Course Summary
This course is designed to help play leaders and staff working with children in a variety of settings to encourage children to become more physically active, whilst also having fun and building self-esteem and confidence in a positive manner. It is written with the national curriculum key stages 1and 2 in mind ensuring that it benefits the child’s physical development. The key word however in this training is FUN!

Course Content

  • Introduction to programme concept
  • Ice breaker games
  • Singing games
  • Circle games
  • Indoor games
  • Parachute games

Play Leaders – Games & drama 2
Course Summary
Building on session 1 or as an independent session this course is designed to look at and consider the physical development of children. Utilising a number of games techniques for a range of age groups and abilities play leaders will be able to manage and adapt variety of sessions to suit those in their care.

Course Content

  • Health & Safety guidance
  • Why should children be more active
  • Improving motor skill development
  • Co-ordination development
  • Inclusion for additional support clients
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