REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene

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REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene

The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland

Course Summary

This REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene course is for those who are currently employed or seeking employment in the hospitality/catering industry, whether professionally or on a voluntary basis.

This course is designed to equip learners with a keen understanding of safe, healthy food handling and preparation.

The course covers all aspects of food hygiene from delivery at your premises to preparation and storage.  Personal hygiene, correct refrigeration temperatures, correct cooking temperatures and appropriate storage facilities are amongst the topics covered.

Course Topics: food chicken

•Introduction to food hygiene

•Food spoiling

•Incidence of food poisoning and its prevention

•Personal hygiene •Working environment

•Cleaning practices

•Common food pests and their control

•Food safety legislation


30 multiple choice questions

This course is delivered over 6 hours

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This course is Individual Training Account (ITA) funded please click on the logo for more details or to apply.

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