Report Writing in Care

Report Writing in Care

Creating a well written informative and concise report is one of the ways in which successful people establish their credibility and communicate their knowledge, findings and ideas.

This highly practical report writing training will give you the skills to plan, research and structure your reports effectively.

Who is this report writing training for?

This course is for anyone who wants or is required to produce professional reports as part of their daily routine, structure material more effectively and write in a way that convinces and impresses their readers.

Benefits – What you will learn

Research, gather and organise material effectively

Write clearly and concisely using suitable language

Identify and meet the needs of your reader

Improve your readability

The planning stage: The Why? Who? and What?

•             The why of report writing

•             National Care Standards

•             SSSC Code of Practice

•             Data Protection

•             How to record

•             What should be in a report

•             Discussions, group work activities

Organising and writing the report

Polishing your report

Make reports look interesting, attractive and readable

Producing the final produce

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