Steps to Excellence

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Pacific Institute

Steps to Excellence for Personal Success

STEPS to Excellence is built around the core concepts of The Pacific Institute’s knowledge base. It is delivered in a group setting with a qualified facilitator who helps participants to co-create their learning through interactive discussions, personal reflection time, the use of DVD bursts and activities utilising a wide variety of learning styles. The programme has been implemented with success in a variety of settings and has been particularly effective in:Steps to Excellence

  • helping long-term unemployed people develop the motivation and self-belief to complete other training and find jobs.
  • equipping parents with better parenting skills.
  • enabling those being made redundant to develop a new future for themselves.
  • use in prisons to reduce recidivism and aid re-assimilation in the community in business settings.
  • helping employees gain the confidence to deal with change, improve their working relationships with colleagues and take more accountability for the impact of their own behaviour on the working culture of the organisation.
  • improving relationships between teachers and parents and fostering increased parental involvement in school life.
  • strengthening grassroots change initiatives in community regeneration projects along with a renewed sense of possibility and community; enhancing participation in and ownership of local initiatives.

The STEPS concept provides a common language for articulating a vision of a better future and offers a proven approach to making the vision a reality.

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